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5 Tips to secure a job in Azure Cloud

I assume most of you are already doing well in your careers and have got no good reason to switch job profile. But at the same time, there may be many who due to many reasons, want to explore new carrier opportunities.

This post is just to help those who are seeking a rewarding carrier in Cloud Computing.  Since I am working on Azure in my profession (Microsoft Azure, Technical Lead in an MNC), I will only be able to provide inputs for Azure, But I have nothing against other cloud service providers. You can still go through this post for reference.

How to get a dream job and start a career in the world of Microsoft Azure?

Time Required: 2 months


Step1: Set Your Goal.

There are so many areas in Cloud Services where you can contribute, doesn't matter what you are doing currently. It is very easy to get lost. So spend a decent amount of time thinking about what exactly you want to do.

For example, If you are more interested in deploying the VMs, VNets, configure load balancer, firewalls, etc, You perhaps want to get into Azure Administration.

Whereas, If you like to develop code for a simple business application and want to use Azure Application services to host your app, You want to get into Azure Development. Though there is some overlap, these 2 are different areas and they need to be handled differently.

Step2: Get Certified

In an ideal world, a sheet of paper should not be able to decide your future. :) But this quote should not stop you from getting certified by Microsoft so that your potential employer can ask you the right questions just to ensure that you have done enough hard work to get the certificate at least :)

Preparing for a certificate exam helps you follow a track and make sure you can test your knowledge as well as helps you push the boundaries.

You may not like the Azure Automation runbook at all, but if you have to clear Az 204 exam, you must learn it. and eventually who knows you might end up loving this azure service for all your automation needs. Correct.

Another benefit of getting certified is Microsoft continuously updates the syllabus as per the needs of the industry. Most of the time you are learning what is needed from you to do at the work. right.

So visit the below URL and decide on a learning path and try to get at least 2 certificates in the domain you want to get into.

Whichever certificate path you decide, Azure Fundamentals (Az-900) is my recommendation to start your journey. It really provides a good foundation and exposure on top of which you can enter into any area in the Azure cloud.

Trust me it is not a cakewalk, but trust me again you can do it.

Note: Make sure to prepare your handwritten notes while preparing for certificates.

Step 3: Read few case studies and see how people around the world have used a different azure service to solve their business problems. this will help you relate the real-world use cases of the services and help you gain confidence and command on what you are learning.

Link to Azure case studies

Step 4: Work on mini-projects

Out of the different services that you learned and different case studies you read, it should not be difficult to figure out 2-3 small project requirements that you would like to work on. Write down few project problems and systematically solve them using Azure services. Try to close all the loopholes around your project.

For example, If you are hosting a Web App, you should be able to answer what are your plans to protect the application's availability from natural disasters and DDoS attacks. or why/why not are you not using Firewall?

Step 5:  Go

Be assured after going through the above 4 steps, you will gain enough confidence and experience to crack Azure technical interviews. Go through the notes that you prepared while learning for certification. Prepare the answer to very frequently asked questions and practice as if you are sitting in a real interview. You should be able to explain very clearly

  the Azure Projects that you worked on,

  the different azure services that you used and why,

  your favorite Azure services etc.

I hope the above steps help you in getting your dream job. I always welcome your feedback, so feel free to submit your comments. :)



Vijay Saini 


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