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Practice Exercises for PowerShell Beginner


Practice Exercise1: File Operations/Searching/Basic PowerShell Operators

1.) Create a folder TestingPurpose and 3 Subfolders inside it SubFolder1, SubFolder2

2.) Create some test files inside these folders:

TypeATest1.txt, TypeATest2.txt  … TypeATest50.txt into SubFolder1

TypeBTest51.txt, Purpose52Test2.txt … TypeBTest100 into SubFolder2

Needless to say that you have to use logic for creating these files. Not one by one

3.) Move all files which have an odd number in its name to SubFolder2

4.) Move all files which have even number in its name to SubFolder1

5.) Rename folder SubFolder1 to EvenFilesContainer and SubFolder2 to OddFilesContainer

5.) Prepare a list of all files currently existing inside folder TestingPurpose

     Example: MasterFile.txt:

As of YYYYMMDD HH: MM files inside Testing Purpose are:





6.) Delete all files which start with TypeA


Practice Exercise 2:  Windows Service Related

Write PowerShell One-liners for:

1.) Get all services which are stopped

2.) Get all services whose name starts with letter "A"

3.) Get all services which are set to start automatically (look for property      StartType  : Automatic)

4.) Restart-Service Winmgmt

5.) Export the service name and status into a text file.


Service Name,  Status

Service A,   Running

Service B,    Stopped

6.) Export the service name, StartType, and status into an HTML file.


Practice Exercise 3:  Windows Process Related

Write PowerShell One-liners for:

1.) Get all windows processes whose name starts with letter "A"

2.) Get list of processes whose name is svchost and PM more than 100MB

3.) Get Process Name, Process ID and handleCount whose PM is more then 100MB and CPU more than 1000s

4.) Export the results of (3) to html and CSV format


Practice Exercise 4:  User Input

Simple interest calculation on any principal amount involves variables like Principle amount, Interest rate and tenure for which you are calculating SI

Simple interest can be calculated by using below formula

SI = P * R * T / 100


P = Principal amount

 R = Rate of Interest

T = Time(in years)

Write a PowerShell to take user inputs and show the results user


Practice Exercise 5:  Programming using PowerShell

Write a logic using nested loops(for loop or while loop) to draw the below pattern












Note: Copy the solution only after trying it yourself





for($i=0; $i -le 10; $i++){
for ($j=$i; $j -ge 0; $j--){
Write-Host "#" -NoNewline
Write-Host ""


Practice Exercise 6:  Programming using PowerShell

Write a logic to produce the mathematical table of a given number. The number should be a dynamic value and provided by the user at the run time.


$table_of = [int] (Read-Host "Which table you want. Enter number")

for($i=1; $i -le 10; $i++){

Write-Host $table_of"*"$i "=" ($table_of*$i)} 



  1. Hi Vijay,

    Do you have these exerices answers at some point

  2. [int]$p = Read-Host -prompt "Enter your principal amount"
    [uint16]$t = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter the time in number of months"
    [uint16]$r = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter the interest amount"

    $Interesetamount = $($p * $t *$r)/100

    Write-Host $Interesetamount

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